Preparing for Real Estate Photos

Congratulations on your decision to sell your house! You have done the right thing by hiring a real estate agent to escort your home from just listed to SOLD! A key component to a successful marketing plan is great photography, and I am excited to do my part in helping you achieve your goals. Here are a few tips for preparing your home for picture day.

  • Clean House. Giving your house a good, thorough cleaning will go a long way to making your home photos great. Have hard wood or laminate flooring? Give it a good dust mopping. The same goes for windows, mirrors, ceiling fans, and your shiny counter tops.
  • Turn on the Lights. Turn on all of the lights in your home. Natural light is fantastic for photographs, and sometimes it’s a little too strong depending on the time of day. Go ahead and open the shades and drapes, and we can adjust lighting as necessary.
  • Replace light bulbs. Burned out light bulbs don’t make much light. This counts for lamps too. Go ahead and replace the light bulbs to help the room shine.
  • Remove Personal Items. Pictures of your house should closely resemble home vacancy. That means clearing the kitchen counters, removing bathroom toiletries, and even family photographs.
  • Clean up the fridge. Inside and out, especially if you are including the fridge in your sale. Magnets, coupons, and anything else on the refrigerator should be removed to make it look clean and new on picture day.
  • Turn off Ceiling Fans. Real Estate Photography utilizes long exposures, which means that ceiling fans will end up as an ugly blur if left on. Better that they are nice and still for picture day.
  • Put the toilet lids down. When using a toilet I recommend lid up, but alas, for photographs it just looks better to have the lid completely down. Keep your bathroom looking great by ensuring that the toilet paper rolls are full and towels are neatly arranged where hung.
  • Store garbage cans out of sight. Anywhere that garbage and recycling are stored inside the house should be carefully hidden. If necessary, we can adjust their location for individual shots.
  • Make Furniture Look Classy. Imagine you are hosting the CEO of your company for dinner. How do you arrange your furniture? You are preparing for images that will make you the host to thousands of viewers. Make it beautiful for them.
  • Secure pets. I will do pet photography, but for an extra charge and in a separate session. Unless your pet comes with the house, let’s take every effort to keep them out of the picture.
  • Stumped? If you are stumped on how to make your home look perfect for picture day, it’s time to consult a professional staging consultant. Your agent will likely have a good recommendation. Work with them to find all the help you need to prepare for your big home picture day!
  • Still have questions? Call Justin Mikkelsen at 971-599-1623 for help. Preparing your home for photography can be a daunting task, and I am here to help in any way I can. See you soon!